Coatings for tools and inserts

Tool’s life increase
Cutting parameters improvement
Working times reduction

Certified resharping service
Lubricant use reduction
Working T° reduction

Coatings for tools and inserts

Lafer produces coatings for tools and inserts with arc technology and magnetron sputtering, which are used in the traditional PVD coating sectors and chip removal from milling cutters, drills, taps, reamers, inserts etc.

Lafer, due to investments made in recent years, is able to offer solutions for friction reduction and working temperatures, the reduction of lubrification required, resulting in a finished piece of the highest quality. The increment of cutting parameters, the reduction in production time and time required to change a part, all help to lower production costs.

Lafer produces coatings for:

  • drilling tools
  • threading tools
  • milling tools
  • turning tools
  • reaming tools

Characteristics and applications for coatings for utensils and inserts

Coating for drilling tools

The principal objective during deep drawn operations is the quick removal of chips from the hole and resistance to high temperatures.
Lafer coatings allow drilling tools to reduce friction and increase the removal of chips from the tip of the drill. In this sector, Lafer pays the greatest attention to both pre- and post-finishing to regularise cuts, maximise the removal of chips and optimise the adhesion of the coating.

Coatings for tapping tools

In the area of threading, Lafer offers excellent thread cutting and thread forming solutions. In threading, the most important parameters are: the hardness of the cutter, fluidity to avoid abrasive wear or torsion breaks and the regularity of the unloading surface. In thread forming, we look for a coating with increased thickness, strong resistance to wear, good fluidity and high compression resistance.

Coating for milling tools

Milling requires that particular care be taken in the preparation of the tool surface and the type of coating chosen.
The Lafer Method guarantees comprehensive consultation, which starting from the analysis of working conditions and type of material to treat, takes in all phases of molding, from the preparation of the surfaces to the most suitable type of post-polishing.

For interrupted cutting applications, Lafer offers two solutions, principally aimed at hardening the piece to increase the cutting parameters and contain internal stresses:

  • magnetron sputtering coatings
  • arc coatings

Coating turning tools

Turning is among the most arduous applications for inserts and special tools , being a continuous cutting operation which can result in very high temperatures.
Therefore, its is very important to have coatings with greater thickness which limit internal stresses and have an elevated oxidisation temperature. Another fundamental characteristic of coatings for turning is the fine grain structure which combines tenacity, hardness and resistance to wear.

Coating reaming tools

The experience Lafer has gained in the field of reaming has lead the company to differentiate the tool coating solution depending on its base material which constitute carbide or brazewelded reamers. The fundamental qualities of coatings for reaming tools must be: hardness, regularity and uniformity of the surface. Lafer pays particular attention to the preparation and cleaning of the cutter which must not alter the honing (and, therefore, the cutting) of the tools in any way.