Duplex Red Speed


Composition Plasma nitriding + TiAICN
Hardness (HV) 3200-3400
T° deposition (C) 450°
T° Max usage (C) 600°
COF (dry vs. steel) 0.4
Thickness (μm) 4÷8
Colour Red

High yield TiAICN coating for cold forging high-resistance stainless steels and Fe alloys upto 4,5mm thickness

Duplex Red Speed is a TiAICN coating with extremely high resistance to wear, good anti-sticking properties and a low friction coefficient. The hardening process of the substrate which precedes the coating, or the plasma nitriding phase, grants a superior level of hardness to maximise the yield of the Red Speed coating, guaranteeing the mold a significant increase in productivity, and increased precision of the molded piece.

The plasma nitriding process takes place before the PVD coating in a single cycle; thereby optimising the preparation of the surfaces, and avoiding the formation of the “white layer” which can cause problems for subsequent coating. The plasma nitriding helps create a level of hardness some tens of microns thick, guaranteeing adequate support to the surface coating for those applications where compression could risk compromising the adhesion of the coating to the substrate.

The process parameters of the nitriding are also optimised to reduce to a minimum the likelihood of the edges becoming brittle: for this reason the Duplex Red Speed Lafer process is suitable for heavy cutting applications.


Principal applications

  • coatings for cutting sheet metala
  • coatings for embossing sheet metal
  • coatings for deformation high-resistance stainless steel and Fe alloys up to 4.5mm thick