In the gear cutting sector, Lafer distinguishes itself with a complete solution for de-coating, sharpening, certification, honing and coating of hobs, cutters and stick blades.
Lafer has five automated work centres, able to carry out work to the client’s requirements.
We are also able to certify the quality of sharpening according to the most important international standards.

After every specialised sharpening, Lafer can carry out the application of specific coatings to the product.
The aim is to create solutions which enable the hob to increase its productivity, and to play a fundamental role in the reduction of the price / cost relationship of the hob.
Lafer also carries out stripping (de-coating) and successive re-coating on hob in HM and in HSS, procedures which enable a coating with uniform geometric and mechanical properties over the whole surface of the hob.

We are also developing innovative methods of treatment for gear cutting tools (hobs, cutters, bars) in HSS and HM, aimed at reducing production costs.
Fundamentally, our process is the adoption of “The Lafer Method”, the research into all the different variables which together lead to good results in gear cutting machining: base materials of the hobs, detensioning and superfinishing of cutting surfaces, controlled rounding of cutting edges, AA & AAA certified sharpening, optimised cutting parameters, high performance coatings suitable for the working conditions, post-finishing of hobs to break down peaks in the roughness of the coating.

Lafer coatings for the gear cutting sector:

  • diminuzione dei fenomeni di usura a pari velocità di taglio
  • aumento della durezza superficiale
  • migliore scorrimento del truciolo con conseguente diminuzione dell’usura