Composition AlCrN
Hardness (HV) 2800-3200
T° Deposition (C) 450°
T° Max usage (C) 1100°
COF (dry vs. steel) 0.6
Thickness (μm) 3÷6
Colour Grey

Lafer’s AlCrN coating

Lafer Kronos is an AlCrN based coating, made using arc technology , suitable for metal cutting both dry and wet , with high cutting and high metal thicknesses . Its main features are the very low wear rate, a superior adhesion, compared to other conventional arc coatings, a particularly high hardness and high oxidation temperature. These features, together with a controlled roughness and crystalline structure essentially free from defects , are dependent on the latest technology used by Lafer in the coating deposition : ESCN (Enhanced Source Coating N – layer )

Principal applications

  • gear cutting
  • machininig operations
  • cutting sheet metal
  • embossing sheet metal