The racing sector requires the highest level performance mechanical components with reduced friction and wear. Lafer coatings are able to satisfy these exceptional requirements, and as such they are used in several top Formula One, SuperBike and MotoGP teams.
Our technicians study engineering solutions structuring work cycles based on the specific requirements of teams in this sector.
Lafer’s internal laboratory carries out the highest precision tests agreed with our clients. Over the years, our coatings have been widely used on gear wheels, axles, drive shafts, camshafts, forks, rods, chain belts, sockets, valves, pistons, pins, cylinders, push rods, and on all the components on the engine and drive train.

The advantages of Lafer coatings for the racing sector are:

  • reduction in friction and wear
  • increased component reliability
  • reduction of pitting effect
  • noise reduction
  • increased power transmission
  • prolonged working life of the components