Red Speed Lafer

(ISO 10993-5:2009)

Composition TiAICN
Hardness (HV) 3000-3400
T° deposition (C) 450°
T° Max usage (C) 600°
COF (dry vs. steel) 0.4
Thickness (μm) 2÷6
Colour Red

TiAICN coating for the deformation and cutting of sheet metal, and the removal of chips

Red Speed Lafer is a TiAICN coating used in various fields, for interrupted cutting, deformation and cutting of sheet metal. Ideal for removal of chips on medium / low resistance steels, in interrupted cutting or lubricated conditions. Its multi-layered structure has been developed to guarantee maximum adhesion and tolerate the most severe mechanical stresses.


Principal applications

  • milling and drilling tools
  • cutting sheet metal
  • embossing sheet metal
  • not cytotoxic according to the norm ISO10993-5:2009