Composition AlTiSiN
Hardness (HV) 2900-3300
T° Deposition (C) 450°
T° Max usage (C) 1100°
COF (dry vs. steel) 0.7
Thickness (μm) 2÷4
Colour Bronze

AITiSiN coating for milling and for chip removal for working difficult materials

Sintal is a silicon-based Lafer coating which is well-suited to milling operations either with the integral tool or with inserts on superalloys or steel alloys. It is characterised by its high level of surface hardness, excellent wear resistance and extremely high maximum working temperature, making it a market leader in heavy-duty chip removal.


Principal applications

  • deep drilling
  • coating for alloyed or hardened steels
  • coating for turning and milling superalloys (Iconel, Incoloy, Stellite)