Metodo Lafer

Lafer follows, for every type of work, a structured qualitative method, which aims to always guarantee the excellence of its service. We do not limit ourselves to merely carrying out requests, but we also put our know-how at the disposal of our clients, offering a global, 360 degree consultancy service.

Tailor-made coating solutions for every product.

In order to obtain the best results, enhancing both quality and performance whilst preserving the characteristics of the tools, Lafer pays rigorous attention and applies all its experience during the analysis of the tools, components and molds. We study, in collaboration with the client, all of the numerous variables in play: the choice of base material, cutting parameters, surface stresses, surface roughness, cutting edge roundness and type of coating.

We are not only suppliers, but also real and true partners capable of meeting diverse needs and resolving every type of request, guaranteeing absolute confidentiality.

The Lafer Method gives improvements in energy efficiency, reduces down time costs, costs per piece and production costs.

Surface engineering department and R&D centre.

Our team of technicians and researchers have formed the surface engineering department which allows us to guarantee the in-house production of certified sharpening, the identification of ideal cutting parameters, the dedicated stoichiometry for specialist coatings and reaching specified roughness through different finishing and polishing methodologies before and after the coating.

The surface engineering department primarily deals with:

  • Polishing and finishing of surfaces
  • Research into new coatings.