Composition AITiCrN
Hardness (HV) 2600-3000
T° Deposition (C) 450°
T° Max usage (C) 600°-1100°
COF (dry vs. steel) 0.65
Thickness (μm) 3÷5
Colour Grey / blue

AITiCrN coatings for diecasting and gear cutting

Tigral Lafer is a latest generation AITiCrN coating for dry metal removal in particularly heavy-duty applications and for diecasting and gear cutting applications. The AITiCrN composition enables extremely high wear resistance (coatings containing chromium) together with resistance to high temperatures (coatings containing aluminium) due to the oxidisation of the aluminium surface during the use of the tool.


Principal applications

  • gear cutting (hobs / cutters / bars)
  • coatings for diecast aluminium alloy molds
  • coatings for diecast zama molds
  • coatings for diecast magnesium molds