Our future depends on respect for the environment

  • Our production technologies are environmentally friendly and our coatings often replace more polluting methods. In other cases, they contribute to reducing or eliminating the use of lubricating oils in the chip removal or mould demolding sector, which must then be disposed of. Even applications aimed at reducing the coefficient of friction have the effect of reducing the energy needed for the operation of the machines and therefore the resulting emissions


  • Part of the energy consumed comes from its own photovoltaic systems. About 1,265,000 kwh/year equivalent to about 480 t of carbon dioxide from fossil combustion or more than 20% of the energy needed to operate our plants
  • We make an accurate separate collection with recycling and recovery of everything that is possible.


  • We are in the heart of the Po Valley and the love for nature shared by most of us led to create an orchard of over 10,000 trees of over 200 different fruit varieties where visitors (including Lafer customers) can collect zero-mile fruit with their own hands. Also in this way carbon dioxide is fixed and pruning waste is renewable energy.