Lafer Method


Flexibility is our strenght

Our five different deposition technologies, governed by a specialized research and development team, make it possible to choose the best performing solution for each specific application.  

Lafer offers a complete and advanced consulting service aimed at improving performance while reducing production and maintenance costs.

In order to achieve the best results for each type of work, Lafer follows  quality assurance methods devised by our R&D team.  

Thanks to our cutting-edge equipment, the surface engineering department carefully analyses all variables that could affect the performance of the material to be treated:

  • Geometries
  • Cutting parameters
  • Surface stress
  • Surface coarseness
  • Cutting edge rounding

Each incoming order follows a dedicated work cycle, developed by the in-house R&D team in order to achieve the ideal surface characteristics and coating stoichiometries for specific applications.

Analysis of raw material
  • study of cutting parameters
  • study of components geometry
  • study of surface stress
  • study of surface coarseness
  • study of cutting edge rounding.
Pre- and post-coating finishing

Carried out in-house before and after coating to achieve the best finish for each application.

Specialised and certified sharpening

Lafer has an internal department for the certified sharpening of hobs, cutters, cusps, creators, knives and bars.

Following surface optimization, we will devise the best coating solution for each specific application.


Each new coating is always accompanied by its own de-coating process to remove any existing coating from surfaces.